اعلان الهيدر

Traveler in Spanish. Traveling to Spain is an easy process if it is properly plan, as travel 

to Spain requires some preparations that the visitor must make before making his trip, we summarize for you some important points that must be taken into account in order to travel to Spain

Traveler in Spanish

Travel advice to Spain

Siesta in Spain is a little different

Certainly the Spaniards get a daily nap and the nap is in the afternoon

And you can say that this nap is a sacred thing for the Spaniards and their most famous customs 

Where you can find the period between two o'clock and five o'clock in the evening, all the large and small shops and stores are closed,

 And all sounds are dimmed in all parts of the Spanish cities, and parents are encouraged to keep their children indoors, and it is strictly forbidden to play ball when residents of the city sleep, But you will definitely enjoy wandering around the cities empty and quiet

You will be eating early

If you are visiting Spain, you will definitely find it difficult to acclimate to the Spanish hour, especially when it comes to eating 

Where breakfast, lunch and dinner served early according to American standards, so if you are starving, you can eat some appetizers until the restaurants open on schedule

Lunch is usually served from one in the afternoon to four in the evening, otherwise you can eat alone or with some other tourists and after this time you will find most local restaurants do not open their doors until 8 pm or later

Spain is not warm and sunny all year round

It believed that Spain enjoys a hot sun all year round but that is not even close to the truth

We can say that the weather is beautiful in Spain most of the time in the south, but the closer to the north, in which the most famous Spanish cities, namely Madrid and Barcelona, it located, you will feel the cold weather in addition to snowfall throughout the day

You can find Madrid warm in a few months from November to May, so keep in mind the cold weather and bring some blankets, gloves and heavy clothes

Spanish is not the only spoken language

If you visit Barcelona, San Sebastian or Santiago you might be surprised to hear different languages, which are not Spanish

This is due to the fact that every major city has its own language, and residents often speak these languages only among themselves, for example Barcelona residents speak Catalan, a Latin language that has similarities with Spanish

French and Italian

In Santiago, the Galician language is the official language, then in San Sebastian you will hear an unparalleled language, the Basque language, which is considered one of the most unique languages in the world

Public transportation is good

The public transport network provides a good opportunity to get around Spanish cities, from low-cost airlines such as Vueling Airlines and Iberia Express to extensive rail and buses, so you have plenty of options for getting around Spain 

But we recommend you to try the metro and double-decker buses, they are a good option and you can get tickets from metro stations and they will cost you about € 1.50 per person

Spain is famous for pocket pickpockets

Some areas in Spain, especially major cities like Barcelona and Madrid, are famous for pocket pickpockets who often target less fortunate tourists in crowded areas such as tourist areas and the metro

Therefore, you should take care of your valuables by making sure that your money placed in the front money belt and not in the backpack

Don't bother tipping too much

Tipping culture is not prevalent in Spain and most Spaniards do not leave any tips or some small coins, but it is not obligatory at all

Don't forget to try the Paella dish

You may be excited to try the Paella dish in Spain, which is a rice dish with shrimp and considered one of the most famous dishes of Spanish origin

You can find this dish in all menus, especially in the city of Valencia and in tourist restaurants, but do not expect that the dish will be delicious if you are in a restaurant outside the city of Valencia

Enjoy a comfortable and quiet life

Spain is famous for its night life and noise all over the cities, which does not subside except during sleep and naps

 So if you are a fan of calm and want to search for a suitable place for you, we recommend that you go to southern Spain, where you find the pace of life more relaxing to get a quiet memory with you from Spain

Suggested daily budget

One of the most important travel advice to Spain that you should look at before you travel is your average expenses per day and during your entire travel period if it is a week or more 

But for an average daily budget it would be around 50-60 EUR / 52-62 USD This suggested budget is assuming you stay in a low-cost hostel and eat little in local restaurants and not expensive restaurants that will greatly increase your budget

 And use the means Local transportation, and you should know that you should expect your budget to be higher if you have a schedule to visit the most famous attractions and take a full tour

Each region can be a country in its own right

There is an amazing amount of diversity in Spain, no wonder, this country is made up of 17 semi-autonomous regions, each of which still adheres to a unique culture. From the Basques in the north to the Andalusians in the south, and from the Catalans in the east, to the Lions in the west, on your journey through Spain you will feel as if every day you are in a new country

Spain's countryside is stunning

Although Spain contains many wonderful big cities, it has a very distinct countryside, where tranquility and charming landscapes attract you to the place, one of the most important rural places in which you can spend quality time in Spain, Galicia, which has a large group of valleys, the wonderful Andalusian region and Rioja



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