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Hotel booking Hotels provide luxurious accommodation for their guests, and provide services that make them comfortable and enjoyable, but there are some things that may not appeal to you or make you think more than once before you book a hotel, whether positive or negative

In order for the hotel reservation process to be successful, a set of conditions and tips must adhered to in order to be safe

Hotel booking

Finding a good hotel and booking a room can be stressful, especially if you are trying to reserve a room for a large family or are in a hurry. With the many hotel reservations now being made online, some electronic tools are available that enable you to compare prices and search for what suits you before booking the right room for you and your family. If you have never booked a hotel room

You can do this in an easy and fast way by following the following simple steps

Think about what you need in a place to stay during your stay

 Do you need a room suitable for a family of four,  or do you just need a room for you alone? Think about the size of the room you need, including the number of beds needed and the number of toilets

If you are traveling with your family, you may need two large beds and a large toilet. If you are traveling alone, you may need one large bed and a suitable toilet

If you need a wheelchair companion, contact the hotel to make sure it has access for wheelchairs and any other facilities for people with special needs

Take into account your need for additional amenities such as a spa or fitness center

 If you need a strong internet connection, look for hotels that offer free Wi-Fi as an addition to today's rate

If you are traveling with your family or with a large group, it is best to consider booking a suite with a separate living room and bedroom so that the whole group can stay in the place without being restricted by space and privacy

Compare hotels using discount search tools

 You can also use the discounted search tools to compare several options between hotels simultaneously. All you need to do is set your travel time and price. These sites will search among many databases for you and offer you many options that match your needs, including discounts or cheaper prices

Read reviews of the hotels you are considering to learn more about hygiene, customer service and amenities. Balance reviews, price, and hotel location to determine if it meets your needs

Some discount search tools ask you to reserve a hotel room before knowing exactly which hotel to stay in

Contact the hotel directly

Accommodation is usually booked through travel companies or websites, and experts say contacting the hotel directly is the best way to obtain discounted rates

 As hotels pay 25% commission for websites, this is why you are able to negotiate and request a 15% discount when you contact the hotel directly Book your room online

You will need to provide basic information about yourself to book, such as your full name and your travel dates

Try to make the call in the evening

 Because reception staff can be busy in the morning and afternoon hours.

If you are looking for a special group rate for a conference or wedding, call the hotel directly and speak to the receptionist

 Not many hotels advertise group rates online, and they may offer better rates over the phone

Make sure the room is booked

You can confirm that the room has been booked by printing a receipt upon completion of booking the room online

 You can also ask the hotel to send you a receipt as proof of payment if you are booking over the phone

Certain times to book

It advised after calling between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, as these times are the most crowded, whether for guests who want to check in or out, and this is what makes the employee respond to you quickly,

And he does not have enough time to negotiate with you and receive your special requests

The reservation is beyond the capacity of the hotel

It is known in hotels that 10% of the guests who booked in the hotel are behind schedule, so most hotels try to book a card of up to 110%, and if you happen to book in a hotel, and arrive to find that all the room is full

It will take care the hotel makes a free reservation for you at another hotel

You are not required to tip

It is customary to tip hotel workers, and some may think this is mandatory, but this is a mistake

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Don't sit on the couches

This may be shocking, so you should know that most hotels rarely wash the couches or the duvets in their rooms, and if there is a stain, they cleaned in place most of the time, because hotels do not have time to wash all the covers and sofas

Avoid paying cancellation fees

A former employee advises not to cancel the reservation before its appointment, as the hotel charges a cancellation fee, and the best way to avoid this is to call after the cancellation date, and tell the employee that you want to postpone the reservation to an unspecified later time

Wifi fees removed upon departure

There are some additions to the bill, which can negotiate, including Wi-Fi fees, so it advised to request that these fees removed upon leaving the hotel

Read your receipt to make sure everything is going properly

 This includes your travel dates and agreed rates. The hotel must mention any regulatory fees before you pay or book the room

 The hotel should explain to you all additional fees such as cleaning fees and parking fees so that you are not surprised by fees that you do not know about when you leave the hotel




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