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Traveler Experience Definition, Traveling is an exciting and surprising experience. Because it is one of the most inspiring experiences for the soul, especially if this travel is very far from the homeland, and for this reason many words, phrases, poems and poems were said during travel

 and people sometimes described it as a piece of torture; Due to the hardship that the traveler faces while traveling from one place to another, and due to the psychological pressure he is exposed to as a result of nostalgia for the homeland, family and friends

Travel means distance and farewell, and it means that a person is in a country alien to him, and no matter how tempting travel is , a person must feel An internal torment as soon as he left the borders of his homeland

 Many people view travel as a gift and a prize that allows them to move around countries, learn about their culture, and gather many knowledge, and others view it as an inevitable evil, especially if their travel was forced as a result of certain circumstances, and whatever the opinions differ about it

Traveler Experience Definition

 No one can Denying the fact that travel polishes a person’s personality and enriches his experiences, gives him a broad horizon and increases his enthusiasm and launches to the world, as well as allows the traveler to meet many people of different culture

 Identity and belonging, and this enhances the level of acceptance by others, increases the individual’s social life, and allows the exchange of cultures and experiences in a manner

Faster Travel is like a box of surprises, as the person traveling cannot guess how things will turn out in the place to which he will travel, just as the traveler cannot be fully aware of the road conditions, so travel is a hardship that results in the morals of people and shows their minerals. He is committed, conscious and responsible, which means that he can be so at all times, and the evidence is that travel is a hardship that bears an excuse, that God Almighty has permitted many

 Excuses for it, and made breakfast in it and not fasting permissible, as he permitted shortening prayers and combining them. Travel teaches people to tell stories and gives them new ideas, and in it the soul moves from feeling to feeling, the body also moves from one geographical spot to another, and the person feels that he has to rely on himself and be more careful

 Because it is an invention and the discovery of many facts, and one of the most important things that must be preserved during it is adherence to the principles And constants and not fragmentation, and to take all precautions that require the traveler to be ready for any adventure

 Because adventures in travel must be calculated and based on a clear set of principles

The best tourist destinations in the world

Italy: Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the tourist destinations that every Italian is proud of, wherever he goes and travels, as it is the jewel of Italy, as this jewel has managed to win the love of many tourists who come to it from all places, as it mixes the beauty of the golden beaches with the beauty of its green nature. And its majestic mountains that surround its shores, as it has a group of caves that have a unique charm of their own

On the other hand, it is flooded with valleys that delight the ears of every visitor with the delicacy of its waters and the tweets of its birds, and not only that, the jewel island of Sardinia can practice many activities such as fishing or visiting historical monuments

 So that it includes many historical envelopes dating back to the Middle Ages, You can also ride horses and play golf in addition to roaming.

In sum, the island of Sardinia is a diamond whose light shines in all parts of Italy, as it is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe,

Which millions visit to renew vitality and recreation, and to enjoy the high-end resorts that characterized by it, if your family is a fan of landscapes and the magic of beaches, then Sardinia is the best place for you

Turkey Istanbul

Did you know that one visit will definitely not suffice you to enjoy all its views that fascinate the eyes of everyone who visited it, as it is one of the charming cities by its nature, and it is considered as the most beautiful country in the world, because it contains a long history of pride for every Turkey

And between the diversity of its splendor and its charming places He finds himself lost and in a race against time, to enjoy all of its enchanting tourist destinations

Istanbul is one of the treasures, as it contains many facilities that enchant the visitor and make it an ancient Islamic civilization, such as the charming Bosphorus Strait and the “Golden Horn” port. It also features several palaces and gardens dating back to the Ottoman civilization, and charming sculptures that attract attention Its visitors

Turkish Istanbul is one of the best tourist destinations for families who love to shop, and see all that is new in fashion and fashion, and everyone who loves traditional clothes and handicrafts, do not forget to bring with you a souvenir of Turkey, the jewel of the world

Tunisia: Sidi Bou Said

Anyone who visits this ancient and traditional city in building its homes and alleys should deny the greatness and glory of this ancient city, especially if he wanders through its alleys, touches its walls, and talks with its residents

 He will surely love it as Sidi Bou Said What distinguishes it from other Tunisian cities is that you will only see blue and white painting the walls of its homes, and its windows and doors are decorated with traditional inscriptions that carry the story of the city




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