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Travel Tips and Tricks. To travel better than all of the above? What if those small details were able to change fundamental matters 

We offer you the best advice that you must follow before the wedding and after you reach the place you want as well

Travel Tips and Tricks

First travel tips and tricks before you travel

 Reservation of the travel ticket

This step is the basis of every journey, and without it, no travel is possible! Perhaps you have become sure that the method or method that you use to book a ticket has major impacts on your budget, time and effort, so be sure to use the travel search engine and go to find the cheapest prices and the best options

 Save effort and money, and book, with the click of a button, from wherever you are, whether you are at home, at work or in the arms of nature, the travel ticket that will fly you to the destination you love around the world. Based on your options, Wego offers you all offers, flight prices and hotel reservations from hundreds of local and international airlines, hotels and travel agency websites, and compares their prices to let you choose the most appropriate and economical in the end 

 Reservation of hotel accommodation

Book your hotel stay using Wego as well, you definitely want to find a comfortable hotel suitable for the goals of your trip, whether it is a business or leisure trip, or with family, or if you want it luxurious or suitable for your low budget

 Packing the travel bag

There is more than one  way to store a suitcase and make it accommodate all of your different belongings, but be careful not to overload it

 And no, it is not just a matter of reducing the burden of weight on you, but also because lightweight bags are usually placed on top of other bags and this is what makes them come out from the baggage bar first, and therefore you will not have to wait for long at the airport

 Documents and supporting papers

  Photocopy your passport, identity card, travel ticket and hotel room reservation, then send it to your private email. These extra copies could be your salvation if your bag is lost or stolen

Miles accumulation

Get a credit card from your bank and pay with it so that you can collect miles that entitle you to travel for free the next time

 Contact your bank

It is important for you to remember to contact the bank from which you obtained the credit card and inform those concerned about the name of your destination, as this prevents suspicious activity 

 Check the laws and read the news

It may be useful to surf the Internet and search for the destination you go to on the eve of the travel date, in order to see the latest news issued by it. However, it is necessary to read about the laws in force, especially those related to tourists, to avoid getting into trouble. Remember that you must respect the legal rules and texts in the country you are in, even if they are not the same as yours

 Internet on the plane

Browsing your accounts on social media or finishing something related to work on board the plane may be what you need most, so do not hesitate to buy one of the Internet packages if it is available with the airline you are traveling on.

 Some airlines provide free internet service, and it only intended to use some applications that allow you to communicate with family members,

  but be careful not to activate it until after the plane takes off and the host provides you with a meal and you finish eating, because this package is usually limited to an hour of Time, so do not use it while you are busy with other things

 Secondly, tricks and tips after traveling  

 Transfer from one currency to another

When you reach your tourist destination, be sure to withdraw money from the ATMs to get the local currency, as this ensures that prices not tampered with and may save you some fees that exchange shops or banks charge 

 Keep your room tidy

You never want to wake up in your beautiful hotel in the morning and see chaos around you, So you should not take out all the luggage from the travel bag in case your vacation is short, or arrange it in the closet as if you are at home, in case you will be staying for a long time


If you are used to buying souvenirs whenever you travel to a new country, be sure to prepare a list that includes the names of everyone you want to present a gift to, in order to avoid buying many of them because you think they will not suffice Save your money and you will not regret

Don't order world famous restaurants

Unless you are obsessed with eating fast food from famous international restaurants, you should completely forget about it and resort to eating in local restaurants that allow you to taste new flavors and at the same time save you some money

Visit nearby stores

Whether you are staying in a hotel room or in a furnished hotel apartment where you have to prepare your food on your own, going to the nearby store is a necessity to save some money,

Especially what is spent on essentials such as water bottles and some snacks that are usually more expensive in the hotel itself or in some recreational facilities located on the place 

Be a professional photographer

If you are a fan of photography or not, be sure to always take pictures and document all the activities that you do during your vacation, because they are the only tangible memories that you can show to your friends later, or even to your children after you.

You will enjoy the local festivals

One of the best things you can experience in any tourist trip is to make new friends and get to know new cultures. So always make sure to attend local festivals and take part in the activities the residents do. Joyfully tell them about your country and ask them to tell you about information about their country that is not usually available on the Internet. Who knows, you might return to those countries to work as a tour guide

Stick to your budget

Don't start getting into debt or starving yourself to save up on groceries for traveling around the world 

Instead, save for travel by cutting spending on other budget categories. Spend less on clothing and everyday transportation and channel your savings from these categories into your travel savings

When you're ready to book a trip, stick to your budget. This will prevent you from going into debt



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