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Travel tips 2020. Are your vacation approaching and would you like to have a new and interesting experience? Are you planning to spend an enjoyable trip away from the stress of life and work and study concerns? Perhaps the best thing you can do is prepare for a special trip with your family or friends that will give you a dose of happiness and make you forget life’s many troubles and worries! Is there anything better than traveling?

 Let's go on a tour in order to get acquainted with the most important tips before traveling that must be taken into account, which will ensure that you spend an unparalleled entertainment trip

Travel tips 2020

Travel list

Creating a list of all matters related to the trip is one of the most important advice for travelers abroad, as this list will help you define your priorities and remember all the things that must be taken into consideration before traveling

Which will save you effort and time, including important supplies, material costs and activities that you want to do And the places you want to visit

Keep the necessary documents and papers

We will follow the list of the most important advice for those about to travel by mentioning the most important travel instructions that everyone should know, on top of which is to keep documents and necessary supporting documents in a safe place without losing any of them

Including the passport, the travel ticket and the entry visa. We also advise you to keep legal copies of all these documents, to be used in the event of losing the original documents, thus avoiding losing money or canceling the trip

Take only necessary supplies

One of the most common mistakes that travelers make is with regard to preparing bags, and you find that they take with them more than their supplies during the trip, for fear of needing any of them without delay

 But in fact, this will only negatively affect your trip that you have planned for a long time, for example, this overload will impede your movement and make you anxious all the time, for fear of losing anything from it! It may also cause you a problem before you board the plane

 Especially if the bag contains things that not allowed, as well as causing the problem of exceeding the permissible weight in the plane. Therefore, be sure to prepare your bags several days before travel, and take only what you need and are sufficient for the period of travel

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Distinguish your bag from all other bags

Perhaps the most important pre-travel advice is one of the most important travel precautions that will make you avoid a big problem that may almost fall into it, as many travelers lose their bags upon arrival at the airport for several reasons

 Most notably their resemblance to other bags or the possibility of losing them at the airport that their plane departed from

 In this case, it is very difficult for travelers to find their bags, some of them get it within weeks or months, and some of them lose it forever! In order to avoid this, you have to distinguish your bag from others, so that you can quickly find it or be able to describe it clearly in case it is lost

 A colored ribbon, a poster, or even a card with your name or any information related to you written on it are all good tools that can protect you from this problem

Check your camera equipment

If you love taking pictures and want to preserve the most wonderful memories this is one of the most important travel tips that you should consider

 So make sure that all your camera equipment is safe and proper, including the charger and spare batteries And don't forget to keep it securely in your bag, ensuring that no part of it gets broken or scratched

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

If this is your first time traveling, you must not have a clear idea of the trouble that you may face from the moment you enter the airport, until you board the plane and reach your destination So make sure that you wear comfortable clothes and shoes that ensure ease of movement and comfort when sleeping

 One of the most important precautions before traveling is also to take with you appropriate clothes, whether light or warm, depending on what is appropriate with the weather in the area you want to visit

Entertainment in the plane

One of the best travel advice we praise is to bring some simple things that will take away boredom while you are on the plane

 For example, reading educational books or novels and stories, along with coloring, writing and playing with card games.These are some simple activities that will make you forget the long journey and give you some fun

The best places to travel in 2020


The weather of the country of Canada in winter is subjected to many unpredictable changes, and it is also very cold, as temperatures reach minus below zero, but it is better than many European

And Asian countries in terms of calm and safety, and travelers love it to practice snow sports and therefore it is from its destination Great for traveling. It also tops the ranking of tourist countries in the world 2020


The city of Ontario, located within Canada, is one of the best tourist places to spend the summer and winter holidays as well as it has a moderate atmosphere throughout the year, except for winter, which is very cold, but despite this, the weather will be beautiful. To practice some winter activities on the white snow there


Iceland considered the best country for travel 2020

Iceland is the best country in the winter for 2020 to see the superb landscapes, as the caves full of water freeze so you will be able to see the most beautiful natural icy places, as well as the hot water that falls on the ice, and considered the best country for travel for snow lovers


The city of Reykjavik distinguished by its beauty and feeling of relaxation, as it includes the most beautiful tourist attractions that many tourists flock to around the world, there are many quiet volcanoes in this city, and this large city includes 6 beautiful cities of the most wonderful cities around the world

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