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The advantages of traveling? What are they ? Question which can turn out to be stupid at first sight right? It is those who are lucky enough to have a lot of vacations who think that. While those who have not gone on vacation for a long time, those who consider their weekends to be a vacation and who therefore forget the benefits of traveling. We will remind you of them.

The first advantage is undoubtedly the break with work. For the servers who read us, we are talking about a break of several consecutive days, not the 3 hours that are granted to you between the midday and evening service. So yes, the benefits of traveling are above all rest, pressure and stress that leave our body. You will also have the chance to enjoy your family with your friends, good meals, good bottles of wine, sand, the sea, the sun ... In short, real life what ...

For people who leave alone, without a travel companion , this will be an opportunity for you, not only to discover yourself, but also to know a new city or a new country. To learn to discover yourself, it is better to leave for several months, to be confronted with problems, with new things, to see how you will react. And then you will meet people who come from different places of the world.

So we come to a point that is part of the advantages of traveling: You will grow up being more mature, being more open-minded! And that's great. A trip changes your life or a man or a woman. So you will gain confidence in yourself and that's great.

In the benefits of traveling you will also find being able to fill your head with memories. Well yeah when you are in relaxation and moments of joy you will have more memories than the Tuesday morning meeting at 3 p.m. True or false ? I believe there is no debate that we all agree.

Learning a new language, taking stock of your life are therefore also advantages of traveling. During this break you can do you can spend all your money, do spas, hikes. In short, I believe that in terms of vacation or travel there are only advantages, right? Those who find disadvantages there, you really have a grain. After if you live in the United States, I can understand you, because it is frowned upon to take a vacation.

The 5 advantages and benefits of travel

For budding travelers or the curious inveterate, discovering new landscapes is one of the major advantages of traveling. But could you name other advantages specific to travel? We take stock with you.

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Live strong experiences out of your comfort zone

Yes, the change of scenery creates strong memories, full of emotion, which will follow you all your life. Whether you are 10 hours by plane or only a few hours by car from home, getting out of your comfort zone will inevitably affect your vision and your behavior in one way or another. Goodbye routine, new challenges and a broader horizon!

Discover yourself

Do you want to know what wood you are made of? Nothing better than the trip to find out. Faced with unlikely, sometimes stressful situations, you will have to react without having your usual bearings, immersed in a culture that is not yours alongside people who do not speak the same language. The impact? This will boost your self-confidence, you will (re) learn to assert yourself, listen to yourself and take initiatives! And who knows, maybe you will even discover unexpected qualities?

Learn a new culture

The world is made up of plural cultures, mysterious, and sometimes enigmatic from our point of view. From Peru to Norway via Vietnam, you will quickly discover that the customs vary greatly from one country to another. This is the richness of the journey. There is a good chance that you will feel affected by a particular lifestyle, and that this will make you want to learn the associated language in addition to changing your habits! And then, memories, whether tangible or intangible, are a source of education.

Open your eyes, positively change your mentality

Until now, you have always been content to read or listen to each other's travel stories, sometimes envying them. Today, you find yourself involved in your own adventure. No more preconceived ideas, fantasized and reported by others. You will be able to make your own opinion, on the ground. Whether the experience is positive, mixed or negative, it cannot have a positive impact on your mentality: awareness of ecology, ways of consuming, a look at geopolitical issues, tolerance and humility developed ... Traveling allows you to confront his certainties with the real world. How not to get out of it grown up?

To meet new people

By staying abroad, your relationship with others is transformed. The barriers dissipate, you live in the present moment: no more shyness and all those things that restrict you in your country of origin. New meetings are close at hand and making friends has never been easier. Very quickly, those around you will be enriched with new knowledge from around the world. Enough to go couch-surfing during a next stay…

And as Gustave Flaubert said: "It makes traveling modest, we see what small place we occupy in the world".

When you travel, you don't necessarily think about the benefits it brings, yet you will be surprised to learn that the benefits of travel are many. It has a significant impact on the way you live and your future as a person. Travel makes you happy: the more we travel, the more we are fulfilled. He has this way of shaping you in his image and showing you that happiness is inherent in the meaning you give to your existence (attention, massive philosophy to come). Barouding tells you everything!

Give meaning to your life

Traveling will open your mind, you will realize that nothing is fixed, that nothing is true, and that everything depends on the point of view and the referring culture. The journey allows you to recharge your batteries, find yourself and explore the wonders of the world, in the footsteps of man.

It allows you to get out of the scripted metro-work-dodo life of modern societies to focus on the essentials and take stock. This thirst for discovery can change a Man and his way of understanding life.

Maybe you will soon meet someone who will shake up your tidy life? It is the undisclosed fantasy of many travelers. Barouding can help you in this quest by allowing you to fly with travelers who look like you.

You appreciate more where you come from

It is well known, the French are grumpy! Problems here, problems there. What if we compare ourselves to the rest of the world for once? You will quickly realize that the country of the bisounours is only a sweet illusion. Confronting his way of life, his country and his culture with other lifestyles allows to put things into perspective and to become more tolerant, more empathetic. When we complain about not being able to buy the latest iPhone, we put things into perspective by saying that other populations live modestly but are infinitely happier. You will discover what really matters to you and readjust your vision of the world.

You realize that the world is an endless book

So many places to discover, cultures to embrace, people to meet. The world is an endless book. It's impossible to get bored when you have a minimum of willpower and good ideas. Do you think you don't like this food? Go discover it on the spot by tasting the local specialty! Take risks, find yourself changing your way of thinking, evolve ...

You realize how easy it is to make friends

In your country of origin, you may be shy, contact with others is not easy. But when you travel, all barriers dissipate, you paradoxically become very social, you overcome obstacles and you feel on par with everyone else. Around a meal or an activity, nothing matters except the present moment. We explain this phenomenon by the fact that on vacation we are happy to be there (therefore more attractive to people who observe us, we emit an aura of happiness) and that our instinct pushes us to want to enjoy and exploit the trip to maximum.

You learn that the journey is only serendipity and synchronicity

Serendipity is the fact of fulfilling a personal and pleasant need which we did not know about ourselves. Synchronicity is the fact of seeing events being linked by chance, by meaning and not by cause. These events magically defuse certain situations that allow us to access some of our deepest desires. During your travels have you never had such sensations and such stories to tell: “quite by chance we happened to meet such a person, who led us to such a place and luckily we found such a person . ” Serendipity and synchronicity, these hazards of travel and life that make you appreciate your trip more and above all that make you philosophize about the meaning of travel and life.

Finally you realize how much life is a gift from heaven

Life is a wonderful journey , you already know it, but when you have the opportunity to travel around the world, each day makes you even more grateful for the existence you lead, the people you meet and these wonderful shared moments. Everything seems stronger and more exhilarating. Travel is for most of us an opportunity to realize our dreams. In society, we live in a bubble, in our comfort zone. To open up to the world and to travel is to take the risk of changing your life and to understand that in the end you did not live that much. Prefer to live on “I'm glad I did” rather than “if only I had…”.

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