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“Be happy… not because everything is going well, but because you can see the good in everything.” - Anonymous.

1] Be grateful for what you have

Did you know that no matter where you are in your life today, there will always be people who will be in a worse situation than yours ? And that no matter how hopeless things seem, it can get even worse?

Thus, a person who complains of having too small a house should look at the homeless man at the corner of the street, who has no home or shelter sometimes even during winter periods.

Anyone who complains of losing their job should speak to someone who lost a limb in an accident. Anyone who complains about annoying parents should talk to an orphan, who has no parent to talk to.

So take stock and be thankful for the things you have. Be thankful that you don't have to face even worse situations. Be thankful to be alive, to have access to all your senses. Be thankful for all those people who are part of your life. Be thankful for the air you breathe every day.

Be grateful for the problems you face that allow you to become better. Even if you think you have nothing, you are wrong. Because you are alive .

2] Focus on your Ideals rather than your Problems

Many of us tend to devote all of our energy to trying to solve our daily problems . This approach pushes us to give importance to the negative, and reminds us of what we do not want: what brings us even more negativity .

Of course, this is not really an effective way to be happy.

Here's a better way to do it: rather than exhausting yourself going through all of your problems, think in terms of ideals. Conversely, ask yourself: “ What is the ideal vision of my life? ”

This is the question I ask all those who seem to be stuck in their problems. And it never fails to light a spark in their eyes, as he or she tells me about what he / she wants in his life :)

Here are the 3 great benefits of focusing on ideals rather than problems:

First, you will think in terms of possibilities and not in terms of limitations.Second, it will help you clarify what you want , which will help you move towards your ideal life.Third, by thinking about your ideal vision, you will be in a positive mental state , which by default will help you to overcome any obstacles that may stand in your way.

It doesn't mean ignoring your problems and pretending they don't exist. This means not letting them lock you in, while remaining aware of their existence. Which means…

If for example you have heavy debts, don't focus on it. Be aware of your debt but focus on the opportunities to generate value. If you have a job you don't like, focus on the ideal career you are looking for and how you can achieve it.If you've just lost your job, focus on the new jobs you can now acquire.If you are surrounded by negative people, focus on the positive, on the new people you will meet.If you are alone, focus on the ideal relationship you would like to have, as well as the qualities of your future spouse.

3] Live a meaningful life

Finding a meaning, a life mission, is essential to move towards your goals and pave the way for a life full of happiness.

Have you established your life goal? If not, it may be time to do so. I recommend that you read these two articles, which will help you to take stock of this:

Do You Live Like A Sleepwalker?

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When you have defined your life goal, then you will want to set goals that will allow you to unlock your potential.

4] Recognize happiness as a choice

Are you stuck in a situation beyond your control? Are you letting it affect your emotions? Are you going to let it drag you down, or are you going to smile and turn your problems into opportunities ?

You can either lament your fate, or do with the cards that fate has given you . You can make your situation a suffering, or on the contrary a force and an energy which will push you forward.

If you decide to go ahead, turn your back on your unhappiness and turn your problems into opportunities then nothing can take away your happiness. Because your happiness is a choice, yours. And nothing should be able to steal it.

It is up to you to make the choice to be the happiest person in the world , rather than being unhappy and miserable. Many people prove it to us every day, by transforming their handicap into a trademark, by overcoming situations that seem impossible to us as they carry heavier burdens than ours.

5] Do not think “What if”, but rather “next time”

You can't imagine how many people say “what if ” every time something goes wrong as they would like: “ What if I did this instead? " What if this, and if that ... "

Is that your case too? Well, we don't care. I mean, what does it matter? Do you know the proverb “ with yes, we would bottle Paris ”? Well, that's exactly the case.

While it's easy to imagine lots of different scenarios where your problem doesn't exist, that won't change reality .

However, it would be more helpful to say “ What could I do next time, so that this does not happen again? This will help you learn a lesson from this situation, and so next time things will be different . Whether it's preventing the same problem from happening again or acting differently, the result will be different.

So rather than thinking “ What if” , start thinking “ next time ”. Rather than living in the past, you will open a window to the future. Where you can still make a difference. It will make a huge difference in your life.

To conclude

I hope you found these two articles useful. If so, don't hesitate to share this little guide to be happy with as many people as possible :)

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