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Whether you have been married for only one year or are approaching your wedding anniversary, you should probably be aware of one essential thing: if your wife is not happy, then no one is happy. Also, making his wife happy is the secret of a happy life and to achieve this, you must work on your communication, maintain the flame of passion and understand her needs.

Discover the 10 things a man must do to make his wife fully happy and fulfilled. Yes, we women are very receptive to the little attentions that we have in store ... A word to the word, hello!

The little things in everyday life are what make us happy . Cover us with gifts? This is not the issue. We women are very receptive to the little attentions that are in store for us. A look, a smile, a gesture of tenderness: that enchants us! And if it can come from our darling, it's even better! Here are the 10 things a man must do to make his wife fully happy and fulfilled .

1. Make her laugh everyday

What could be easier? Coming home after your day at work, gentlemen, don't be fooled! A big smile is welcome when you walk through the door of the apartment. So even if you had an exhausting day at work - ours was probably too! - have the fishing! Laugh, chat and chat: that's what we love.

2. Listen to him

For the majority of men, this is not innate… While you, you prefer not to express your emotions, your concerns, etc., we cannot do without it. Tell you about our day in great detail, we make it a point of honor! So listen to us, but really! A fulfilled woman is a woman who is listened to.

3. Surprise her with small details

This is what we aspire to. Book us the surprise of a romantic weekend, a picnic in the forest, a bike ride… we're a fan! In addition, it's simple like everything.

4. Share with her the management of the home

Important, gentlemen! A man who doesn't get his hands on it makes us hysterical. This is also one of the main causes of arguments in a couple, so to cut it, share with us the household chores. Ironing, cleaning, shopping, cooking: it's everyone's business!

5. Don't forget the important dates

If there is anything that we women love, it is that our darling remembers important dates. At least that of our anniversary!

6. Share your passions

And we are yours. There are couples who divinely complement each other and who have exactly the same interests and others who have different passions. Gentlemen, nothing could be simpler than making a woman happy, even if our passion is not necessarily your cup of tea!

7. Help her and advise her

In the same way that you must listen to us, allocate part of your time to help and advise us when we need it. Take this role of man to heart and give importance to our anxieties and stress.

8. Ask for it in an original way

It is our dream. We who aspire to get married, we are counting on you to make us a marriage proposal as original as it is memorable. Let your creativity run free!

9. Compliment her

Adulate us, cuddle us, give us compliments: that's what we love! And yet we must admit that men often lack attention. Gentlemen, recover yourself! You love us, so show it to us!

10. Accompany her shopping without shying away

If there's one thing that turns you off, it's shopping with us. To avoid hearing you plague all afternoon, we tend to go there with friends. But in reality we would love that from time to time you accompany us ... without complaining! Nothing too complicated to make your wife happy , is it gentlemen ?!

Save yourself a date for sensual nights. It doesn't matter whether you are busy or not, you should always spend time for moments with your wife. For the frequency of your moments in two, the ideal would be around two to four times a month. If the precious time you have to find yourself is allocated for outings with friends or it is used for lounging at home, know that you are abandoning the spark that makes your relationship unique.
Vary the pleasures. Plan something different for each of your naughty dates, whether it's renting a movie or going out to a new restaurant you haven't tried before.
If you are the one in the kitchen, dress as if you are about to go out.
Take the time to chat. Having activities like minigolf or watching movies is recommended, but make sure that part of your evening allows you to be alone and able to chat eye to eye.
Send your wife a sweet note to tell her how much you love her, even if it's not a special occasion. Each opportunity to meet up with your wife is a special occasion.


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