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To get what you want, there are two fundamental elements to keep in mind: consistency and responsibility .

There are a multitude of reasons why we can start the day in a good mood, and end it by being just as happy.

If you want to see your day filled with happiness from sunrise to bedtime, just follow these 10 simple steps.

So put them into practice, taking care to adapt them to your person. Each of us is unique, so make your days different, and love each other. Thus, you will take a big step towards happiness .

What are the 10 steps to be happier?

1. As soon as you get up, set yourself a goal for the day. The secret of our motivation is to achieve simple goals that do not require much effort. Thus, you will gradually increase the level of requirement, and the quality of the goals that you will set yourself.

By doing so, we flourish, because achieving the goals we set gives us confidence. On the other hand, it also allows us to motivate ourselves to go ahead and achieve our dreams.

2. Realize how grateful you are to have a new day, and be thankful for it. The gratitude is the basis of love.

If our life is crossed by love and we share this love with our loved ones, we will then create a halo of positivism that will allow us to feel happy throughout the day.

It is very important to be grateful for what you have , and to realize your luck. Remember that many people, for a multitude of reasons, do not benefit from the same things as you do, and vice versa. Let's learn to be grateful.
3. Make a list of the things you like. A good exercise to start the day well is to  mentally list all the things that we like at home, that is to say the things that make us happy, our personal successes, our relationships, etc.

All of these things that we just need to think about to be happy throughout the day.

you will realize the infinity of positive elements that you have around you and that you do not notice.

4. Listen to your favorite songs. Music is one of the best tools to use if you want to feel overwhelmed by positivism.

Put on your favorite songs while you eat breakfast, or even before sleep, and take the opportunity to meditate.

Music stimulates you to have positive thoughts , whatever the circumstances.

5. Indulge in a comforting activity, or take care of someone during the day.

U No "hello" or "how are you? "  Are the little touches that are always fun to the person who receives them, but also to you, who formulate them.

6. Meditate for 5 minutes while getting up , this will allow you to dispel problems and other worries.

Do a meditation session before sleeping ; this will make it easier for you to sleep and get better rest.

7. Before going to sleep, review all the positive things you have done or felt throughout the day.

It is a very good exercise to improve the quality of our sleep, and therefore our day will be full of happiness .

The good times spent with your loved ones will also allow you to sleep "very happy".

8. Learn to enjoy physical exercise. Everyone knows that sport allows us to fill our daily lives of fullness and well-being.

So let your brain release endorphins , which will help us be happier and in a better mood.

Do some sport each day or a leisurely stroll; it will also allow you to let off steam and release all the accumulated energy.

9. In the morning, take your time. It is very important to start the day in the peace if we do not want to create anxiety or stress unnecessarily.

In the morning, try to get up earlier, even for a few minutes. Doing things in a rush and stress puts us in a bad mood , and if we start our day in such conditions, we will remain in the same negative frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Do things calmly; you will be able to better enjoy your personal activities and the moments of tranquility necessary for our physical and mental health.

10. Stretching when we wake up allows us to relax our muscles, which gives us a feeling of pleasure and tranquility before setting foot on the ground and starting our day.

When adapting each of these rules to your person and your daily life, it is important to be consistent and responsible. After a few days, you will already see the positive changes that have taken place in your life.


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